Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Macroeconomic Resource - Variant Perception's Trusted Sources

by Claus Vistesen:   London

I normally do not mix business and pleasure but in this case they are such a close match that I think an exception is warranted. The small independent macro research firm I work for is consequently in the process of restructuring its website and is opening up its Trusted Sources which was previously restricted to clients. VP Trusted Sources is a collection of content providers and their content that we deem to offer high quality and value adding financial and macroeconomic analysis worthy our own, investors' and other researchers' time.
Obviously, skilled and hardened readers of econ blogs would point out that the last thing the internet needs is another information aggregator. I would agree, and even in the world of economics and finance there are already considerable aggregators and umbrella sites which collects and gathers information.
However, and biased as I naturally am, I would argue that the VP Trusted Sources blows most of the other"passive" information aggregators in the financial industry away. I would point to three reasons for this.
1. We provide macroeconomic and financial news in its most pure format and if you are a consumer of such information you will be extraordinarily well served. This is high powered macroeconomic news, from one passionate macroeconomic researcher to another.
2. The VP Trusted Sources is essentially a custom made/all inclusive macroeconomic RSS reader. You don't need to create one; we have done it for you.
3. Its versatility. the VP Trusted Sources hub can be used either as the equivalent of a financial/economic Arts and Letters Daily or as a fast and efficient way to learn about a given topic.
I would particularly emphasize the balance between blogs, news and bank/investor research (1) which means that the VP Trusted Sources becomes a potentially very valuable gateway for information. You will also note that each entry (referring back to an original article) has both primary and secondary tags. I dare you to do research on a specific/generic topic where the VP Trusted Sources cannot lead you to instant and valuable information which will make your life easier.
Well, I think that this must be enough self-promotion for one day. Since it is free I encourage you to have a look and if you don't like it, feel free not to return. If you do, tell all your macro friends and fellow macro geeks about it.
(1) - Obviously some links will lead to walled content as some providers may not give free access to their content, but the vast majority of links goes to free resources.

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